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Eco-Plugging Service De Beauvoir, North London

When the tree stump grinder can’t reach the location that it needs to – for instance if it’s too deep or if the area is inaccessible – at Stump Brothers we offer an innovative and environmentally-friendly alternative. In most instances, our tree stump grinding service will be the most impactful, and our team will often recommend it, although for the hardest jobs, the eco-plugging service means that we can provide an excellent quality product every time, no matter what.

Utilising a new method of tree stump growth inhibitors, we can stop the tree from re-growing and speed up the natural breaking down process to kill the remaining stump and leave it to disintegrate naturally. This is done by injecting a safe and completely contained poison into holes drilled into the bark of the tree which works through the organism and speeds up the organic processes. This new and innovative approach to tree stump removal has allowed the Stump Brothers team to work on jobs which previously would have been impossible and gives us a much wider scope in the De Beauvoir and North London areas.

Get in Touch Today

If you have a tree stump which you think might be hard to remove, or perhaps have been told by another firm that the job can’t be done, make sure you give the Stump Brothers a call. We’ll work to ensure that the job can be done safely and efficiently and offer our inspection services (LINK TO INSPECTION) throughout North London.


Call us today on 07838916151 or email to enquire about an inspection and we’ll get to you quickly. We can offer expert, impartial advice about the best way forward and how to best remove your stump, wherever you are in De Beauvoir or the surrounding areas.

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