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Top Methods for Tree Stump Removal

There is no one ‘best’ method for tree stump removal. Each one is completely different; maybe in one location the stump is almost completely above the ground, and in another the tree has deep roots that intersect with an electric wire run by the council. Would the best method of removal for the first be the same as the second? The answer, quite clearly, is no.

Tree Stump Removal vs Eco-Plugging

The traditional methods for tree stump removal involves grinding the stump and filling the hole that was left with the sawdust produced by the grinding process. This self-sustaining method for tree stump removal is the perfect option for jobs which don’t require other concerns, whether for safety reasons or for other logistical issues. However, not every job can be easy.

As mentioned earlier, sometimes the tree stump might be too deep in the ground for the machinery to reach, or maybe the roots are intertwined with an unmovable pipeline or electricity supply, and in these instances, grinding the stump might not be feasible. For jobs like these, the best option is what’s called ‘eco-plugging’ – injecting a substance into the bark of the stump which acts as a poison. This is completely safe for both people and the environment, but acts to inhibit the growth of the stump and begins to increase the organic processes that break down the stump as a whole.

Each job deserves a complete inspection beforehand to ensure that the correct method is chosen. At Stump Brothers, we send an expert to determine the best way forward, checking for local utilities that might cause an issue, looking at the location of the tree stump, and examining the depth and complexity of the job.

If you’d like to know more about our processes or how we determine the best way to remove your tree stump, get in touch with our team today. We’re more than happy to help you, and if you’re in South East London and have a problem tree stump, call the Stump Brothers today.

Call on 07838916151 or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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